Iona Marble Large Celtic Trinity Pendant

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Beautiful Iona Scottish Marble! Celtic inspired Iona marble sterling silver pendant. Beautifully designed, a little piece of Scotland that you can enjoy every day. Iona marble is known to be lucky!

Iona marble is found by diving from the beaches into under water seams on the Isle of Iona, Scotland. This 2700 million year old rock is composed of a unique combination of serpentine and limestone. Known by some as the sacred stone of Columba, green marble has been collected and treasured by jewellersfor centuries. On the Isle of Iona fisherman would not leave port without their lucky green gems. It has been used by healers to help the body return to a time  unhindered by the stresses and pollution of modern time.


Handcrafted in Scotland. 

Each piece is one of a kind and may differ slightly from the picture.

Iona marble with sterling silver celtic pendant.

18" 925 chain