Scottish Iona Marble Celtic Sterling Silver Earrings

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Grogeous Scottish Iona Marble Sterling Silver Celtic Earrings! These are so beautiful and go so well with the matching pendant. A little piece of lucky Iona, Scotland in your ears every day!!

Home to the last of the ancient ruids, the isle is the burial place of 60 Celtic Kings. St. Columba chose Iona to become Scotlans'd cradle of Christianity. In the 6th century, his abbey solidifying its reputation as a place of pilgrimage and peace.

Iona marble: Long treasured bt Scottish jewellers, Iona greenstone is a 2700 million year old combination of serpentine and limestone, found only at the island's southwest tip. It became rare and much imitated after quarring ended in 1918 and a special conservation order came into force.

To gather genuine new material, Adam McIntosh braves the icy ocean currents and free dives down to underwater seams beyond the zone of protection.


Handcrafted in Scotland.

Each piece is one of a kind and may differ slightly from the picture.

Iona Marble with Celtic Sterling Silver design.